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Spring Table Mat

PPL053 Shirley Goodness  n  Mercy
PPL053 Shirley Goodness n Mercy
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Primitive Pieces by Lynda > Christmas Card Holder
#12 Christmas Card Holder

wool bag with appliquéI so enjoy getting Christmas Cards every year.  And, I try to send as many as I get - most years.  Grin   This bag is made out of wool and I love keeping the cards/envelopes in it.  There is a pocket along the left hand side for a letter opener (I used a red handled knife)  They make lovely gifts for special friends as well.  There are snowflakes on both sides.  A tree with a star and the small snowflake is on the front and the large snowflake is on the back.  Feel free to embellish yours so it's special to you.  


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