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A trip to the mailbox each day is part of what I do. I receive orders from you, but also get mail asking me questions. The occasional piece of mail comes too, that isn't what I would call "fan" mail either. But, that's all part of life and how we grow. When I get a letter from you I usually write back individually but thought perhaps others had the same questions, so this is how this page came about. I will be posting questions and answers here on the web site, so I hope you will stop by from time to time to see what others want to know...LETS ASK LYNDA




QUESTION: From a shop owner who asked "Why do you fold your patterns in half? If the name of the pattern wasn't so big you could put the picture on half a page.

ANSWER: As a quilter, I got frustrated with other patterns that didn't provide a large enough picture to see any detail. So, when I started Primitive Pieces by Lynda I wanted a larger visual for the QUILTER so that once you get it home you have a bigger picture to study. I'm proud of this distinction in my patterns and hope other pattern companies will soon follow. Changes have been made to the patterns I carry. They are now opened up with a full picture for you to view on the cover.

QUESTION: Why do you use brown paper?

ANSWER: Primitive Pieces by Lynda, as the title suggests, is a more primitive style. Dark and dirty as they say. I have experimented on lighter paper and the primitive look just doesn't happen. A balance between clarity and primitive style is strived for each time a new pattern comes out.

QUESTION: I'm not a big fan of reading text in a pattern; could you add more visuals?

ANSWER: The early patterns didn't have many visuals. I am an avid reader and of course, thought everyone else loved the same thing! I did find that not to be the case, so there are more visuals in my patterns now. Look for even more in the future. Oh, there will still be the story at the top, and yes, I will continue to write the words but now you will have more drawings. And, I am always available if you need help!

QUESTION: How do you come up with the fabric requirements for your patterns?

ANSWER: LOL, that question always makes me smile. I'm not the precise kinda gal. Every quilt is usually so scrappy that it's so difficult to get it exact, so I don't even try. I try to give a ballpark amount. Most of us have a stash to rival, in dollars, the national debt. What I would like is for everyone to choose their colors for the pattern they will be making and then see what "else" you might need to enhance or complete the amount you need. I LOVE running out of fabrics. It makes me THINK about what would go with what I'm making and use something different. Gramma didn't have what we have. She did the best she could. If a pattern calls for 1 1/2 yards of should be a total of assorted reds. That could be 6 fat quarters. Your local quilt shop owners will be more than happy to help you...Aw, another excuse to visit your favorite place!

QUESTION: How do you pick out the colors for your quilts?

ANSWER: We all love CERTAIN colors and that's reflected in our homes. BUT, there are only 6 colors to choose from: Red, Blue, Yellow - the three primary colors and if you mix two of those primary colors together you get 3 secondary colors: Green, Orange, Purple. That's it! 6 colors is all you get ever. So, in answer to the question I try to use all of them. That's what scrappy quilts are and why they will always work.

QUESTION: Your quilts always look so warm, What colors do you use to achieve that?

ANSWER: One of the easiest ways to warm up a quilt is to take the WHITE out of it. White makes things crisp and new looking. White is also not a color, nor is black. It's also not the color you use, but the VALUE you use of that color. Try using fabrics that are more grayed down or even darker in color. You can achieve a richness in color, but a warmer look by darkening the value.

QUESTION: How in the world do you get the plaids in your quilt to match?

ANSWER: They don't! Why would they need to? If you are cutting a large square, only to cut it diagonally twice to make 4 triangles, each piece will be different. And, if you cut them sorta crooked, to begin with, it's even better. That's part of the older look that I can achieve with my quilts. Perfect is certainly not in my vocabulary. I want an older looking, more g-whoppied quilt. When you look at an antique quilt, doesn't it scream - wear, tear and lots of love? Let go of the concept that everything needs to be perfect and have more fun.

QUESTION: I get so frustrated because I can't get my corners to match or the star points to be perfect, what can I do?

ANSWER: Sorry, you are talking to the wrong person. If a point is perfect and four or nine patch corners match exactly, remember, I'm the one that celebrates and has a hot fudge sundae! It's not something that really has to happen for me. I love making quilts and I love having fun......The two must go together! I love people that can relax and just let things happen. However, I do promise you that if I have a quilt that is absolutely perfect in every way, I'll still sleep under it.

QUESTIONDo you ever travel to teach classes or speak at events

ANSWER Yes, I do travel when I can. I love speaking at quilt guild meetings and teaching classes. I have done so many times. If you are interested in me coming to your area, please let me know.


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