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Box lunch socials were very popular when my Mom was growin' up. Young women would pack a very special lunch and take it to a social event. Young men would bid on that boxed lunch, in hopes of spending time with that young woman - under strict adult supervision of course! So here's a very special page to have our own social event. 


This is where you can volunteer to do some great work for Women's cancer.  So far my backdoor friends, their friends and myself have successfully helped Quilts for a Cause, Inc. make quilts that have been auctioned off.  We call our event "The Block Party". 


The Block Party for 2012-13 has come to an end.    One version of a completed block that we will be making is posted below:  Because the colors will be the same, to make this scrappy each of the 4 sections you make will not be sewn together in the same completed block.


completed block for the block party this time

This event was a HUGE success with 552 quarter blocks returned to me.  5 very large quilts have been made and you can see them posted below.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that the response to this project has been increasing in size each time we get together to have a "Block Party" for our friends at Quilt for a Cause, Inc. 

Cancer has affected all of us in some way.  It is with great HOPE that some day this horrible disease will no longer affect anyone we love.  We have FAITH that the work we do here will help.  We will continue to have the COURAGE and LOVE in our hearts to work together until one day we find a CURE. 

It is with those sentiments that the 5 quilts that were made have been named: Hope, Faith, Courage, Love, Cure

Quilt #1 2012-13 block party


84 X 100 INCHES

Back of Quilt #1 - faith

Back of Quilt - Faith

Quilt #2 block party 2012-13


73 X 94 INCHES

Back of Quilt #2, hope

Back of Quilt, Hope

Quilt #3 Block party 2012-13

Quilt #3, COURAGE

85 X 90 INCHES

back of quilt #3, Courage

 Back of Quilt #3, Courage

 Quilt #4, block party 2012-13

 Quilt #4, LOVE

90 x 90 inches

back of quilt #4, LOVE

 Back of quilt, LOVE

Quilt #5, block party 2012-13, Cure

Quilt #5, CURE

88 x 94 inches

back of quilt #5, block party 2012-13

Back of Quilt #5, CURE

Because these blocks were quarter blocks, and stitched in different quilts, the label that includes everyone's name that participated will be on all 5 quilts that will be sold and/or auctioned off through Quilts for a Cause, Inc.  Here is the label that will be on each of the quilts.  Each quilt will have it's own name and the size of the quilt also.


block party 2012-13 label for quilts

I want to take a moment to say a very special thank you to all the machine quilters  that donated their time and batting to this project. 

Jennifer Soosay

Katherine Christenson - 2 quilts

Cathy Leitner - 2 quilts

I would also like to say a special thank you to my sister in law, Donna Phillips, for helping me stitch all these quilts together.

Also, to Donna and my friend, Carol Crago, for helping me stitch the bindings down.  It was great fun visiting with these gals while we stitched. 

God Bless everyone that helped on this project that is so near and dear to all of us.  Please pat yourselves on the back for a JOB WELL DONE!  Until next time, Lynda 

All quilts from around the globe that have been donated for this project can be seen on the Quilts for a Cause website. 


Archive of Block Party Projects:


We started our first project in 2005 - 3 quilts were made for that auction and did very well.  A  SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone that was involved.

sample for breast cancer project 2005

Sample of the block the quilts were made from.

Below are the finished quilts for the 2005 Quilts for a Cause, Inc. auction -

My Sister's Flower Garden

finished breast cancer quilt #1, 2005

Many Hands Much Hope

breast cancer quilt #2, 2005

Ray of Hope

breast cancer quilt #3, 2005

This quilt block has been made into one of my patterns.  The quilt designed is REMEMBER THEM and can be purchased from the pattern page. 


In 2009 another block was designed.  4 quilts were made from the block shown below.

2009 project sample

Here are the finished quilts that were made using this block.

Memories and Miracles

memories and miracles #1, cancer quilt 2009

memories and miracles back, cancer quilt 2009

Pieces of our Hearts

pieces of our hearts, cancer quilt 2009

Pieces of our Hearts back

pieces of our hearts back, cancer quilt 2009

Crossroads to a Cure

crossroads to a cure, cancer quilt 2009

Back of Crossroads to a Cure

crossroads to a cure back, cancer quilt 2009

Scraps of Hope

scraps of hope, cancer quilt 2009

Scraps of Hope, Back

scraps of hope back, cancer quilt 2009


This quilt block has been made into one of my patterns.  The quilt designed is called "Block Party"  and can be purchased from the pattern page.  (Houses were added to this pattern to represent all the neighborhoods across the globe that got together to make the blocks for this project)


A year or so ago, I designed a pattern for Quilts for a Cause Inc.  This pattern is called "Twist 'n Shout"  You can purchase this pattern from their website:  when you get to their site, click on patterns.

twist 'n shout pattern cover



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