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Each time a pattern is born considerable effort is made to make sure it's correct; however, from time to time in my excitement to share a new pattern, errors occur. This is the place to come first to see if a correction has been made if you feel the pattern you have is not correct. Or, if you just have a question about a pattern, please contact me and I will be glad to talk with you about it. If you have an incorrect pattern I will be more than happy to send you a corrected one if you will provide me with your mailing address. Again, I apologize in advance for any errors that may occur.

PRETTY PANSY POSEY PATCH has the following corrections - This quilt has a wonderful vine that grows in the 2nd border, along with some leaves. In each corner there is another pansy posey but in the directions you have it doesn't tell you how they get there. This error has been corrected and updated in current patterns, but if you have an older one....this will explain how it goes.

Before making your vine for the second border, I suggest finishing all borders first. Cut 1 1/2 inch strips of assorted green fabrics and sew them together making your vine. Fold under 1/4 inch and press all the way down, turn it over and fold under 1/4 inch and press all the way down the other side. Pin your vine in place and applique it on. The leaves are generic ones, and you can vary the size a bit to make things interesting. A pansy posey is appliqued on in each corner, overlapping the outside border. Refer to your colored pattern cover for placement.

PRAIRIE CHRISTMAS STAR It has been brought to my attention that some of you could possibly have the wrong templates in your pattern. If you will write to me directly I can send you the corrected ones. Also, just a note, you will see a page in your pattern that has the E template piece along with what looks like the logs for the outside part of your star square. This is only to show you placement. The logs templates for your block are included and show the correct seam allowance.

I have just heard of this error July 30, 2004. Any patterns sold after this date will be corrected. Thank you!

THE HAT LADIESOnly the earliest patterns ever sold will have errors in the patterns. The rotary cutting instructions for The Hat Ladies were mixed up. These are the correct rotary cutting instructions: A piece - pink/creams/blacks - cut 3 3/8 inch squares and cut diagonally twice to make 4 small triangles B piece - pinks/creams - cut 3 inch squares and cut diagonally once to make 2 triangles C piece - red/black/green - cut 5 1/2 inch squares and cut diagonally twice to make 4 triangles D piece-plum/rose reds - cut 6 1/2 inch squaers for the centers of your block. NOTE: This square will appear to small, but because the ABC units you make to sew on two sides of this square is all biased - pin at each end and work the rest in - it fits perfectly. The block is 12 inches finished.

MOONSHINEThe rotary cutting instructions for Moonshine are absolutely correct; however, the templates do not match. Use either all the templates, which will make your pieces smaller OR use all the rotary cutting instructions to make the quilt as it appears. Sorry for this confusion. I decided the template pieces were way to small so enlarged it a little and forgot to go back and change the template pieces.

NIGHT FLIGHTIt seems that after all this time, Night Flight has a slight error. The A piece directions say cut 1 1/2 inch strips into 1 1/2 inch squares. If you have cut them that way you will end up with a 16 inch block instead of 17 inches stated in the pattern. If you cut those A squares 2 inches, the block will be 17 inches as stated in the pattern. Either way the block will go together just fine. It just will end up a difference size. Sorry about the confusion.

GRAMMA'S VEGETABLE SOUPThe drawing in your packet is correct, the cutting instructions is also correct. However, it seems that the written words don't correspond, so here are the corrected written words for this pattern:

1. Start with the center by sewing 4 red a's together making a square. Set this on point to add the next sections.

2.Sew 2 yellow b's and 1 red b together. To the top of this unit (red center piece) add 1 orange B. Make 4 and sew these onto the corners.

3. To a Red C piece sew onto each side an orange B piece. Refer to your drawing. To each end of this, add one Green B piece. Make 4 - sew one onto each side.

4. The last part will be to add one Blue A piece to each corner. You have completed your first block. This quilt has 16 blocks that you will make exactly as shown above. The rest of your pattern instructions are correct.

MY YESTERYEAR COLLECTIONIn the new booklet, there is a typo error. It says you should make 5 of the geese units, when it should read 6.......everything else in the pattern is correct. I apologize for this inconvenience.

PINNY'S POSIESIf you have one of the old Pinny's Posies pattern the template cutting instructions letters were reversed. Here are the correct letters and how many to cut for each block: 8 Red A's, 8 Middle value yellow A's, 8 Black B's, 4 middle value yellow b's, 4 dark yellow (brown) b's. There is a total of 32 pieces per block.

The block size in the old patterns could say 12 inch blocks.....this is incorrect. They are if you have that in your pattern, please write to me for a corrected pattern. There is also a question about the borders. I love the way each border looks being if your pattern says Top and bottom borders are 4 inches finished, right side 5 inches finished, and left side 6 inches finished.....that is correct. You may choose to have them all the same size with post's up to you.

BAKING DAYThe cutting instructions in the pattern are correct, but the template letters on the visual provided do not reflect this. They should read D&E for the 2 3/8" x 8" logs and the corner triangles should read F & G.

SHE LOVES ME SHE LOVES ME KNOTOn 06/11/08 it was brought to my attention that there are errors in this pattern. It's confusing because the instructions say the block is 15 inches and the cover says 14 1/2. This is why. The center block where you applique the ring of flowers is 14 1/2 inchs, but there is a strip 1 1/2 inches that is added to one side so that the 5 HST strip will fit. The outside sashings or border's if you want to call them that measure 3 1/2 by 15 1/2 instead of 3 1/2 by 15. I do apologize for these errors and I appreciate Jeannette for letting me know. If you purchased this pattern before the date mentioned above you will need to make these changes. Otherwise, the pattern printed now will reflect them.

SNOW TRAILSIt has been brought to my attention that Snow trails has a couple type states that the finished block is 6 1/2 inches, which is correct. However, it states that you should cut the squares 6 1/2 inches instead of inches is correct. Also, it states that there are 28 inside double trail blocks and there are 31. There has also been questions about the fabric requirements being to low. Fabric requirements are always estimated. I make everything as scrappy as I can and I don't always give the most accurate amounts. If anything I am probably conserative due to the fact that most of us have so much fabric in our stash. Your local quilt shops are there to help you if you have any questions.

PETER PAUL AND AUNT MARYThere has been a question regarding the template size for this quilt. Because of the size of the template it was printed on 4 pages. It has to be overlapped so that it will fit the 12 1/2 inch square you will place it on to cut it out. However, it doesn't state for you to do that. And, down at the bottom for template B it states you should not overlap....that is wrong. If you overlap the template A pieces approx. 1/2 inch both ways the template b piece will overlap that much as well. These templates include the 1/4 inch seam allowance. Having said all that, when you sew all the pieces together the block will probably measure 12 3/4 inches....TRIM THIS DOWN TO THE 12 1/2 BLOCK SIZE. I apologize for this error and corrections will be made to the original instruction sheet.

GATHERING BASKETSIt has been brought to my attention that there is an error in the Gathering Baskets pattern. On the third page the last paragraph it says to cut 6-9 3/4 inch squares. You will need to cut 33-9 3/4 inch squares in order for there to be enough to use for step 2 on page 4. Also, the diagram on page 3 shows the 9 3/4 inch square cut in 4 pieces. It should be only cut once to make 2 triangles. (I apologize for this error and personally thank Jeanne at Quilts Plus for bringing this to my attention) You will need to cut 9- 9 3/4 inch lighter squares to complete your sawteeth borders.

FUNDA BUNDLE 1The Railroad Crossing pattern in this bundle contains an error...Everything is correct, except the graphics showing how to put the block together. The center square should be placed on a table in front of you ON POINT. The three b's sewn together in groups of 3 are then sewn onto two sides of that center. The remaining two b units have a C triangle sewn onto each side, then sewn onto the center section. The corners, d template are sewn on and your block is complete. The cutting sizes are correct. The pattern instructions have been corrected and reprinted, however, if you have an older pattern please print these corrections and put it with your pattern for reference. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

PRIMITIVE YOUNGINSIf you have purchased the Primitive Youngins book - you will find that there are some templates missing. The Hearts that the Primitive Youngins hold between their hands and the numbers for the Hopscotch Quilt are missing from your book. If you will email me, I will send you a PDF file so you can download them to tuck inside your book. Anyone purchasing the book from this day forward 06/08/10 will have them inside the book when you get it. I do apologize for this error.

A LITTLE PORCH TIME book It has been brought to the Kansas City Star's attention that corrections need to be made to the publication of their book. These are the corrections in the two Panels – C & E. Please accept our apologies for these errors.

Section C: Cut the bottom right piece 17” x 8 ½”

Section E - E2: After making the Nine Patch strip, sew a strip 21 ½” to each side (not 21”). Cut a strip of background fabric 1 ¾” x 24” (not 2 ¼” x 24”) to sew to the bottom of the zinnia/Nine Patch block.

E3: Cut the background for the sawtooth block 18” (not 18 ½”) x 20 3/4”, or if you prefer, piece the background with 2” strips along the left side and the top. After attaching the sawtooth strip, the block should measure 18” x 24”. Trim if necessary.

THE BUNDLING BOARDThe applique pieces in the Bundling Board pattern need to have the seam allowance added. It does show the center and leaf as having it already there; however, the outside line on the leaf is the correct finished size. Add a seam allowance to it as well. The center piece IS correct.

Angelic Bundle The math shown on the angel drawing in your pattern is incorrect.   Please write to me and I will be happy to send you a revised copy.  Also, there are no templates shown for the fence posts and/or railings.  You can cut the posts 1/2 inch wide x 3 inches tall and cut the railings 1/4 inch x 5 inches...refer to your drawing...they just need to fit in the space on each side of the cabin.  As of 11/23/11 the pattern has been corrected.

GRAMPA'S SAW MILL - It has been brought to my attention that  there is a typo on page 1 of the pattern instructions down at the bottom.  It says Cut 16 - 2 7/8 inch squares - cut one (should be once) diagonally to make 32 orange triangles.  I apologize for this error.

Thank you




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